This is the original dashboard theme that I made a while back. I decided to make it public, you can download the source and the images from the link post in the body here.

Please follow this tumblog to receive updates to the theme.

The only conditions for use are that you credit me and tumblr for its design.

Dashboard Theme

  1. Sunday, March 30th 2008
  2. Theme html

    Here’s the html for the theme, all the images/css/js point to right now. To get them on your server download all of them in this and do a find and replace for to replace with your host location.

    Just copy and paste this code into the custom area. Custom CSS and custom colors. Click on the advanced tab to add custom CSS, the color tab allows you to edit some of the major colors.

    Follow this tumblr if you want any updates.

    Future plans include:

    • A group tumblr theme
    • Including reblog info
    • maybe a few other things
  3. Tuesday, March 25th 2008
  4. About the theme

    This theme was what initially got me to the measly 60 odd followers which has now grown to about 80. It was my first real work with CSS and I’m actually fairly proud of it.

    I stopped using it because while it looked great the design was not of my own. While my current theme doesn’t look as good I do like that it’s an entirely original creation of my own. As I’m not a creative guy it was a big deal for me to design a theme which I didn’t mind the look of.

    I plan on updating this theme as I go along so please follow if you’re interested in updates. I promise I won’t spam. I plan on eventually releasing two different versions, one designed for disqus integration and one not. I’ll also keep it up to date with new features added to the tumblr theming engine.

    Feel free to use the images from but be warned I may move or take them down at any moment. All the images used in the themes will be provided under the same usage agreement as the theme.

  5. A contrived conversation
    Me:I stopped using this theme because it wasn't my own creative content
    Random:But it looks cool
    Random:so here's a contrived conversation to test out chats
    Me:sounds fine to me
  6. Banksy - There Is Always Hope

    Banksy - There Is Always Hope

  7. Monday, March 24th 2008
  8. 10:05pm|reblogged from inky:
    “I was walking down the street with my friend and he said, ‘I hear music’, as if there is any other way you can take it in. You’re not special, that’s how I receive it too. I tried to taste it but it did not work.“
    Mitch Hedberg (via inky)
  9. 10:05pm|reblogged from Squashed:
    “And so, at 11:00 on a Tuesday, a prominent politician spoke to Americans as if they were adults.“

    John Stewart, here.

    That’s sort of my reaction. Wow. The speech was eminently reasonable, nuanced, and well thought out. Normally I hear politicians talk about sensitive topics and immediately think about how they are wrong or how I would defend them when somebody I disagree with says they are wrong. I didn’t feel lied to, manipulated, or talked down to. This is almost a first.

    (via squashed)

  10. Gnarls Barkley - Going On

    From their new album just released The Odd Couple.

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